The Art of Making in Australia

The Robert Gordon 2022 Interiors collection is all about timeless design with a hand crafted finish. Each piece is made to order by skilled crafts people, using high fired Australian stoneware, in our Melbourne workshop.

A family of potters

For over three generations and 75 years, our family have been making pottery in Australia. We take enormous pride in our Australian made collections. Here at Robert Gordon, we are still excited by the design process, which is often a close collaboration between family, craftspeople, and our customers.

Commitment to craft

Bobby Gordon is the Head Designer and creator of the Robert Gordon Interiors Collection. Bobby practised as an architect for a decade before he joined the family business where he now brings his knowledge of the interiors industry into the development of each shape. The face behind the basins, Bobby oversees the development and hand glazing of each basin that leaves the Melbourne workshop. Each piece from the Interiors Collection is a true piece of craftsmanship.

Image: Eve Wilson


Our equipment is a mix of traditional and modern tools. New shapes are developed on the thrower's wheel or slab roller. From there, production techniques include slip casting, presses and machines. Unused clay from production is reused and made into slip or milled, this means each slip cast basin, light and wall hook is crafted from recycled scrap clay.