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A mid-20th century family home in Gembrook, Victoria.

Director of Robert Gordon, Bobby Gordon, and his partner Rowena Henry (Gordon Henry Architects), have forged a deep love-affair with a unique family home in the hills of Gembrook. The February edition of Country Style take us on a tour of the double storey dwelling, highlighting the careful restorative work the couple have made. 

Photography: Martina Gemmola for Country Style Magazine


"We have separate spaces, but the rooms are beautifully proportioned and still interconnected. For a family of five, it works really well. The home has a lot of American design influence, it was quite unique for the area. By today's standards, it's actually not a very large house, but it would of been back then."

"It's been a nice challenge to compliment the existing details here without making it kitsch and, at the same time, adding functionality for our family."


"We ripped out all the old carpet upstairs and had made plans to reinstate new carpet, but we discovered lovely floorboards throughout that had been cared for really diligently. So we had to call the carpet supplier and said no-go!"

Crafting a legacy.

Bobby Gordon & Rowena Henry relax on their outdoor terrace.

Growing up in Gembrook Victoria, as a young child Bobby would stare at the white house across the road from his family home and marvel at the proud facade. When the house came on the market in 2017, he saw an oppurtunity to bring it back to what he had always perceived as an aspirational home when he was a child.

The home also features our Dish Wall Sconce in the Storm glaze.